A Sunday Affair : Boys & Girls

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Le dimanche de Pâques , la galerie AKA présentait quelques toiles qui feront partie de la nouvelle collection de Corno.  ‘ BOYS AND GIRLS’  .C’était une journée magnifique, et les rues du Vieux Port étaient remplies de passants qui profitaient des premiers beaux jours du printemps. Nous avons accueilli plus de 200 personnes à la galerie, avec Champagne et Chocolat ! Ce fut un beau jour de fëte.


A Sunday Affair : Boys & Girls

Last Sunday, April 20th marked two special occasions; Easter Sunday and the first spring exhibition for Corno, at her very own: AKA Gallery. It was a perfect day, in the beautiful Old Port of Montreal. The sun was glorious, the streets were buzzing with tourists and residents alike and the vibe was downright awesome. At the gallery, we welcomed 200 happy guests; and served them with perfectly chilled bubbly and suitably, delicious chocolates. The cause for celebration? Corno’s new series of paintings; which include male faces. The international renowned artist is best known for her sultry female faces and torsos; so the guests were pleased to see the artist’s take on male beauty. The invitees included our finest VIP clientele, lovers of art and notably, Corno’s brother (yes, good looks do run in the family indeed!). Featured, were 8 of Ms. Corno’s newest pieces; showcasing  5 males and 3 females. The event was nothing short of a huge success, as was seen with the number of pieces leaving our doors. But don’t fret – the new e-store (www.cornostudio.com), just shy of its two month existence and already booming with positive feedback and sales, showcases her stunning originals and prints; including her new series of “boys”. And though we try not to play favourites, we must admit we are slightly enamored by the “Boy 2” – a beautiful blend of colors, sex appeal and androgyny.

For more, we invite you to visit www.cornostudio.com

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