Corno in Context

Posted on March 29, 2015 by Diana Eskander | 0 Comments

En entrant dans la galerie AKA, on est impressionné par les grandes toiles colorées de Corno  suspendues aux murs blancs. Mais ces oeuvres sont parfois plus impressionnantes quand elles font partie de votre espace intérieur. L’artiste créent des personnages hauts en couleurs qui transforment une pièce au design un peu froid et apportent une nouvelle énergie chaleureuse, une nouvelle lumière.  L’art de Corno rend la vie plus belle. Vraiment !


Corno`s artwork is definitely impressive, especially when we walk into a gallery and see her large, bright canvases on expansive white walls. However, equally impressive and important is her artwork in the context of an interior setting.

When the artwork is placed in a home or office, it truly takes on a whole new life. Suddenly, the magnitude of the paintings and the bold, textured brush strokes are amplified and perhaps, even more so appreciated.  It is a special moment, to see both the painting and the space around it transform and come together to create something truly beautiful.


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