Drawings by Corno - Acrylics on Paper

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To say, Corno has honed her skills as a painter over the last forty years, is an understatement. She has successfully mastered her technique to the point where her style is immediately recognizable. Getting to the essence of Corno`s artistic inquiry are her acrylics on paper. These drawings clearly demonstrate the artist`s abstract and figurative strengths while exuding a raw pure energy that perpetually moves throughout each work. Every line, shape and color can be perceived in all its precision and spontaneity, leaving little room for error. These drawings reflect a refined talent, blending Corno`s creative flow and technical strengths. With each confident brushstroke, she leaves a permanent imprint on the paper.

Visit AKA Gallery in Montreal to view Corno`s most recent drawings or go to cornostudio.com


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