Corno and serigraphy, taking Pop Art to another level

Posted on March 19, 2017 by Charles Giraud | 0 Comments

Face is the last silkscreen or serigraph Corno created. Chosen by Corno for its quality and precision, this technique renders the depth and nuance of the original painting. Corno’s silkscreens are vivid renditions with brilliant colors and all the power of the creative energy behind the original paintings that inspired them.

This edition is still available in the gallery and on Currently framed in an elegant white wooden frame, it reflects a maturity of style and a freedom of expression. The color contrasts are dark and brooding and the movement of the brush strokes is fluid. The composition is limited to a powerful closeup that is in your face.

Andy Warhol brought silkscreens to the forefront of the art world when he and his peers used this medium abundantly, exploring its many possibilities and nuances. Silkscreens were Corno's favorite printing technique since the method is capable of faithfully rendering the original layering of a painting because of the separate printing of each color. This serigraph is the most accomplished of all her prints. The layers are particularly thick and textured. Corno was not satisfied with the gold color in the print so she added a gold fleck to make the print pop just a little more. The prints are signed and numbered by the artist, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the edition.



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