A Glamorous Success: Creative Chaos with Corno

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This past Wednesday September 17th, the Quin Hotel launched “Creative Chaos”, with a new collection of work by CORNO. Co-curated by Channing Norton of MOCA and DK Johnston of the Arts Fund, the night was a glamorous success; with a crowd that was as equally stunning as the artwork and display itself.

The event is part of the Quin Arts program, which connects its guests with contemporary artists; all the while, honoring the artistic history of the prestigious Quin Hotel.

Creative Chaos opened with an invitation-only reception and will be on display at the lobby-level exhibit for the public, until October 6th. A must on your to-do-list this fall!

Darren K Johnston & Corno

Organizers Hercy & Michelle with Corno

Quebec Delegate

The crowd

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What Corno loves about NYC : Living in the Moment

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When the Quin in New York City interviewed Corno for her upcoming exhibition at the prestigious hotel, this is what she had to say:

"There is no past, there is the future, there is the's where I learned to live in the now"

For the video, please click here: What Corno Loves About NYC 

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CORNO in the Warholian

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The Quin hotel has announced the launch of Creative Chaos, a new collection of work from internationally renowned painter, CORNO.

...The celebrity portraits in the collection fittingly evoke a certain Warholian quality, as well. With renderings of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Basquiat, and Warhol himself, CORNO may share an inclination toward popular luminaries, but she defines herself through the way in which she captures emotion from within. CORNO celebrates the enduring spirit of these stylistic visionaries and their unique, singular, approach to visual representation of complexity, independence, and individuality—all of which are also synonymous with the artist. Such energy is evident in all of her pieces, and as with Warhol, New York City has proven to be a catalytic canvas.

For the full article on the Warholian: Quin Hotel Launches Creative Chaos Exhibit by Corno in New York City

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Creative Chaos with CORNO

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On September 17th, 2014 CORNO will present an exclusive series of new paintings for the Quin Hotel’s CREATIVE CHAOS, in New York City.

Curated by D.K. Johnston of the Arts Fund, Creative Chaos is a dynamic exploration of contemporary portraiture – a powerfully vibrant collision of color, texture and pop culture.

CORNO, the quintessential contemporary artist of the twenty-first century is highly acclaimed on an International level; throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The series for Creative Chaos will showcase a new collection of her celebrated portraits, distinguished by her signature use of bright colors and large brush strokes.

The event is by invitation only .

The Quin Hotel: 10 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019


Le 17 septembre 2014, Corno présentera une nouvelle exposition de tableaux intitulée Creative Chaos au Quin Hotel de New-York.

Présentée par D.K. Johnston, de Arts Fund, Creative Chaos est une exploration dans l’Art du Portrait Contemporain. Une forte collision de couleurs, de texture et de pop culture.

CORNO, l’artiste contemporaine  par excellence du XXI ième siècle est reconnue en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, au Moyen Orient et en Asie. La série Creative Chaos présente une collection de portraits créés avec son style énergique, des couleurs vives et de vigoureux coups de pinceaux.


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Coup de <3 de CORNO à NYC Pt. 6

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Battery Park est situé dans le Financial District de Manhattan. C'est l'un de mes endroits préférés pour admirer le coucher de soleil et la vue sur la Statue de la Liberté. Il est également possible d'y faire du kayak, du voilier, une balade en vélo ou simplement une promenade au bord de l'eau.


Battery Park is located in Manhattan's Financial District. It is one of my favorite places to see the sunset and the Statue of Liberty. It is where you can also enjoy kayaking, sailing, biking, or just taking a stroll by the water.

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Acrylic Chair "Face on Black"

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L’art de Corno ne se limite pas uniquement à ses toiles. Une de ses oeuvres les plus remarquables est une chaise en acrylique inspirée de l’oeuvre ‘Face on Black’. Cette chaise est créée à Paris, par la maison Acrila, et elle est disponible a la galerie AKA de Montréal. L’image de l’oeuvre est insérée à l’intérieur du plexiglass, donnant à cette chaise originale un style contemporain et classique à la fois.


Corno’s art is not limited to a canvas, or any medium for that matter. One of her most unique pieces, inspired by her “Face on Black” painting, is an acrylic chair made in France by the design house, Acrila. The image of the painting is fused in between the glass, creating an ultra contemporary feel  on an otherwise classic design.




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Atelier D’Art Pour Les Enfants : Galerie AKA

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La Galerie AKA accueille plein de visiteurs pendant l’été. Ils viennent du Québec et de partout dans le monde. Cette semaine, nous avons eu la visite de petits enfants qui participaient à un atelier  d’art, dirigé par Dominique Payette, d’Espace Création. Voici quelques photos de cet événement.


AKA Gallery is no stranger to visitors; attracting tourists and residents alike, with its ideal location on St Paul Street in Old Montreal. But no visit is quite as special as that from a group of children who wish to have artistic inspiration from our very own, Corno. This past Thursday, we had an “Atelier D’art Pour les Enfants”, organized by Dominique Payette of Espace Creation; where a group of kids came to the gallery to view Corno’s work and create their own version of her Luminato NYC on Orange.

Feast your eyes on these future creators!

For more, follow Corno on Instagram at "cornostudio

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