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Torse d'homme sur fond rouge 3

Mixed media on canvas, 48 x 60, available at Corno Gallery


Femme au crépuscule

Mixed media on canvas, 34 x 24, available at Corno Gallery


Nu féminin sur fond jaune

48'' x 36'', available at Corno Gallery

The colors and the movement of the composition convey a bright explosive energy. In this nude, Corno represents femininity with the light of spring.



Boy on Pink

Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 48, available at Corno Gallery


Nu Féminin sur orange (photo painting)

Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 44, available at Corno Gallery

This original artwork represents feminine elegance and the power of a force of nature.


Basquiat  SOLD

Mixed media on canvas, 72 x 60


Young Man on Yellow

72'' x 60'', available at Corno Gallery

The solar energy of the yellow background contrasts with the dark colors of the face. An expression of sensuality emerges with subtlety from the painting.


Visage sur fond rose

10.5'' x 10.5'', available at Corno Gallery


Homme aux cheveux blond, Corno SOLD

60'' x 48'', available at Corno Gallery

Half in the shadow, half in the light, this work reveals both the strength and the fragility of the character. The gaze on the viewer exerts a magnetic attraction and is full of mystery.


We are currently in search of original works by Corno. If you would like to sell a painting or a drawing you may send us an image along with the dimensions and the condition of the artwork at We will contact you if there is an interest on our part.