Corno Gallery, Montreal
Mario, Carla and Michael at Corno Gallery, Easter Event 2017
Sofia Lipska and Marie Murai (Corno Gallery) Easter Event 2017
Easter event, Corno Gallery, April 2017
Corno with Louis Plamondon (Corno Gallery art director) in Miami during her last show, december 2015.
Corno in her New York Studio

Facebook Event, Corno Gallery, Montreal, September 2016

Corno's exhibition in Miami, December 2015

Corno and Simon Librati during Corno's exhibition in Miami, 4 décembre 2015

Corno Live Painting,Corno Gallery, Montréal, April 2015

Corno and Simon Librati, Miami Beach

CANBEC BMW event, October 2014

Quin Hotel, New York, September 2014